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The ultimate experience


3D/4D Ultrasounds have become increasingly popular as they offer images of your baby in real time where you can see your baby’s real life movement.


The best time to obtain good 3D/4D images of your baby is between 24 to 34 weeks. During your scan you may see your baby waving, kicking or even yawning!  We understand there is an expectation that you will be able to see your babys face during the scan, but sometimes, due to the position of your baby, at the time of the scan, this may not always be possible. The Sonographer will do everything possible to ensure your experience satisfies you to see all the characteristics of your baby that you hoped for.


Our clinics are equipped so that you can invite your partner, friends or parents to be a part of your private 3D/4D experience and share in the wonderment of seeing your baby in 3D/4D for the first time. We usually allow up to three (3) guests per room.

3D/4D scans are an optional scan and are not used as a diagnostic tool. Therefore, you do not need a referral from your clinician.  


Just call one of our friendly team members and book!

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