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OPG Lateral Cephalometry & 3D Conebeam Imaging

Dental X-ray

Dental x-rays are taken using a machine called an Orthopantomograph (OPG). It allows the Radiographer to x-ray your whole mouth giving your dentist vital information about the health of your teeth and jaw. An OPG demonstrates the number, position and growth of all your teeth including those that have not yet erupted.


All GIG Radiologys' OPG machines use ‘low-dose’ technology, significantly reducing radiation exposure. All OPG x-ray services are bulk billed at GIG Radiology.

These include;

• Temporo-mandibular joint imaging

• Digital lateral cephalometry

• General digital orthopantomography

Cone Beam CT

Cone Beam CT is quick and non-invasive diagnostic scan. Dental Cone Beam CT images provide three-dimensional (3D) information, rather than two dimensional (2D) information provided by a conventional OPG image. Cone Beam CT systems captures data using a cone-shaped x-ray beam. This data is then used to reconstruct a (3D) image of the dental anatomy (teeth) as well as the oral and maxillofacial region of patients anatomy (mouth, jaw & neck)​


There is no preparation needed. Once you arrive at our practice, you will need to remove any dentures, jewellery or metallic items from your head and neck as they will interfere with the x-ray image.

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